I am Marco Zoi an artist based in Italy. My work encapsulates pop surrealism and Lowbrow movement. I enjoy creating surreal images that include portraits or city environments. My temptation on each work is to bring out my visionary world, rather than reproduce what’s visible in the real world. My work is sometimes oneiric, sometimes bizarre and the importance of the iconographic construction is as essential as attention of the subjects.

Marco Zoi works are a mixture of his photography with digital paint.  Zoi’s work are part of the “Pop Surrealism” movement, his visionary world inhabited by characters and eerie creatures often cruel, some are positive and attractive. All this creature are always fighting for good and evil in an eternal balance, now are offering you they’re eyes to show the powers and charm, when they are looking at you, are asking to stand on their side, or maybe just your eyes. You can see Vampire with supernatural powers, scary-looking clown you might not trust… mutant tiger women forced to perform in circuses, wolves hunting for they’re prey of love, seductive but unreliable vampire, suffering Angels in love, or just unhappy for the bizarre world they live …  Each one of them seeking for your attention in the hopes to brief a moment of happiness.

My passion with photography started when I was living in London where I attended a course at Westminster College and after in Rome at “Istituto Superiore di fotografia”. My first experience and training as assistant where in Milan where I had the chance to collaborating with several photographers most of them devote for fashion photography industry. I end up my Milan experience by working as studio assistant at Vogue Condé Nast Italy before starting to shooting my works.


As a freelancers I’m open for project collaborations where I can share my skills experience to helping you to reach your targets. Feel free to contact me.